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How It Works

At Shore Financial Solutions, we offer debt settlement solutions that will reduce your monthly output up to 80%. Our professionals work to ensure that you get the financial security which you deserve. Let our Firm fight for you and your business!

We Analyze Your Situation

Our financial experts analyze your situation to understand what hardships you are facing. We will review all of your unsecured business debt, loans, MCA’s and loan payments that are causing financial stress on your business.

We Create A Tailored Solution

Our team will work to create an affordable payback option to ensure owners will be able to now successfully run the business.

We Resolve Your Debt Issues

Let our negotiating team relieve the burden and do all the heavy lifting, so that you can concentrate on what really matter- Building your business!


Debt settlement is the preferred option of debtors but sometimes, they approach it with the wrong assumptions. These give them a distorted impression of what this process is really all about.

While it is true that this debt relief method will aim to negotiate for a lower outstanding balance on your debt, waiving off late payment penalties and other charges, and a lower interest rate, it will be an effort that is made on both ends.

This is one of the best and legitimate options to get rid of debt and it really works for some people. However, we need to paint the right picture for you so you will be relieved of any false assumptions about your expectations of this program.

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Creditors will not always say yes.
This is heartbreaking for some people but this is the truth. The chances of your creditor saying NO the first time we approach them is possible. But this is why you hired us in the first place. We will not give up. A successful debt negotiation will ride on the sincerity of your financial capabilities, our expertise and our working relationship with the creditor.

Debt Settlement is not the favored option of Creditors.
There are a lot of debt relief options and sometimes, creditors will prefer them. This decision will be based on your financial capabilities – which will be in discussion and intense scrutiny while the debt settlement negotiation is going on. If they think that you are capable of paying off your debts entirely, they may agree to lower the interest rate but still maintain the outstanding balance. They can also offer to extend your payment period to lower the monthly amount that you have to pay.


Experienced Team
With years of experience, our team of debt relief specialists work alongside a network of 500+ local attorneys to negotiate all of your debts.

Instant Results
We execute the best strategies possible to get fast, confidential business debt relief, a customized budget for your company, lower monthly debt payments, and resources for extra help which has been able to save our clients millions of dollars.

Proven Solution
Suitability, affordability and sustainability are the keys to a comprehensive relief plan. We work on your behalf with your creditors to lower your payments and keep your business alive and thriving.

Free Debt Review
Call us today for a free financial review and to see how Shore Financial Solutions can get you back on the path to financial freedom and security.

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